Navn: Rikke Nordahl

Alder: 21

Profession:  Artist and photographer

Hjemby/nuværende by: Aalborg 


  • Mobil: 20829314
  • Mail: info@rikkenordahl.dk
  • Instagram: nordahl_creations

My name is Rikke Nordahl and I paint what I find inspiring or interesting. I don’t have a specific style, since I like to change style from canvas to canvas and experiment with different techniques. 

I have a company called Nordahl Creations, where I sell my paintings and hopefully in the nearest future also prints and photographs through a webshop, that is currently being created. 

My paintings are usually full of colors. I like to paint what I would find beautiful to hang up in my own home. Creating paintings has become a space for me to be me. I love to paint as my own kind of meditation. The fact that I sell them is just a really cool bonus.