Navn: Anna Kuzmanova
Alder: 22

Profession: Kunstner

Hjemby/nuværende by: Aalborg


  • Mobil 60 52 96 29
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  • instagram: anna_kuzmanova
  • facebook: Anna Kuzmanova

 I am being inspired by people and nature. I mainly paint on canvas with acrylic and oil paint, but also with water colors. My artworks are really colorful and often there is a contrast between blue, purple, yellow, orange and red.

My style is a mix between abstract and realistic art. In my art I show the world around me, people, faces and shapes in the way I see them. Most of the time the contrasting colors I use represents the struggles, the fights, and challenges that I, or the one who inspired me, is facing.

I paint mainly women, cause I am being inspired by their complicatedness and mysterious way of thinking and actions sometimes.


  •  2015 I finished my High school where I have studied in an art class
  •   2017 I graduated at UCN, Aalborg with an AP Degree in Graphic
  •   Currently I am working as a volunteer in Bethaniakirke, Aalborg, where I am leading an art club with kids at the age of 8-12.

#abstract  #people  #colors  #acrylic  #watercolors  #nature  #shapes #contrast