Navn: Alessandro Painsi

Alder: 22

Profession: Contemporary Artist

Hjemby/nuværende by: Austria (Graz), Aaalborg


  • Mobil: 209975506
  • Instagram: Picassandro

My name is Alesandro Painsi and I am a contemporary artist from Austria, based in Denmark. I got educated as an industrial designer, while simultaneously dancing professional lati

n american and representing Austria at international competitions.

However, since 2 1/2 years ago, I completely focused on the visual fine arts. As I am not thematic artist, I do have reoccurring themes in my work, but always try to push boundaries and innovate while jumping into the unknown.

I mainly paint in oil, but I use different surfaces and also work on big scale installations.

I am represented and connected to different galleries and Art Collections in Europe and the US.


  • Street Station Group Exhibition Volume 1 (Denmark, 2016)
  • Group Exhibition Aalborg Surreal 1.0 (Denmark, 2016) 
  • Young Artists Group Exhibition at Kunsten, Museum of Modern Art (Denmark, 2016)
  • Gallery Inuit Group Exhibition (Denmark, 2016)
  • YOUniverse Group Exhibition (Denmark, 2017)
  • Group Exhibition Aalborg Surreal 2.0 (Denmark, 2017)
  • Solo Exhibition at the Creative Space Gallery (Denmark, 2017)
  • Simons Gallery Group Exhibition, Miami (US, 2017)
  • Gallery Lendnine Group Exhibition (Austria, 2017)
  • Gallery Inuit Group Exhibition (Denmark, 2017)
  • Group Exhibition Gallery Lendnine (Austria, 2018)
  • Solo Exhibition Gallery Lendnine (Austria, 2018)